Cressida Heyes Phd

Courses 2018-19

Fall 2018: POL S 305 Contemporary Political Theory (T/R 0930-1050). The focus of the course is citizenship, kinship, and population in the contexts of gender and sexuality. The course outline is here for those who are curious about the course content.

In Winter 2019 (W 1300-1550) I’ll be teaching POL S 404–a seminar called The Politics of Sleep. This interdisciplinary course will dovetail with my own current research on sleep. The course is currently full, but if you are really interested, send me an email and I’ll let you know personally if and when spaces open up.

Also in Winter 2019 I’ll be co-teaching (with David Kahane) POL S 212 (MWF 1000-1050), which is the required course in Political Theory for majors, as well as POL S 610, which is a doctoral seminar in Political Theory (required for PhD students in Political Science doing a comprehensive exam in Political Theory).


Teaching 2018-19


Articles: Dead to the WorldTwo Kinds of Awareness


Events at U of A in the upcoming academic year will be posted here as they are announced.