Cressida Heyes Phd

Prospective graduate students

Please note that as of June 30 2017 I am no longer the Associate Chair (Graduate Studies) in Political Science and will be forwarding all queries about our programs to other colleagues. Full information about our graduate programs can be found on this page and the pages it links. If you have any queries about your application to one of our programs, please initially contact Caroline Kinyua at

If you are thinking of applying to graduate school, and:


  • have (or are completing) a BA in Political Science, Philosophy or a related discipline;
  • would like to study towards a graduate degree (MA or PhD) in Political Science at the University of Alberta;
  • are possibly interested in writing a thesis or dissertation connected to my current research interests;

Please contact me.


The Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta contains a vibrant community of politically sympathetic and theoretically minded scholars with whom to form interdisciplinary connections around issues connecting politics, gender, sexuality, feminism, and bodies. I can offer mentoring around scholarship applications, conference papers, publication, and, of course, thesis or dissertation research.

For general information about admissions and program requirements visit the website of the Department of Political Science.