Resources for graduate students

I’ll be using this page to announce things and post resources for graduate students in the department of Political Science at the University of Alberta (although I’m sure they will sometimes be useful for others!). Please bookmark it!

Scholarships and other funding opportunities:


The SSHRC Doctoral and Masters awards are coming up this fall. October 2 for Doctoral applications in the department; November 2 for Masters. You should have received detailed email instructions.

Applications for department funding for conference presenting between April and November 2015 are due on November 2. Contact Caroline Kinyua if you missed the original circular.


The CPSA meets in 2016 in Calgary, and proposals for the conference are due on October 15.


I found Aimee Morrisson’s blogpost on tacit knowledge and graduate school helpful.
An interesting discussion of so-called “alt-ac” careers in University Affairs, that picks up on many themes that were discussed in our faculty retreat on graduate education.

An article in the Guardian
about journals and publishing.

Where are Canada’s PhDs employed?

The Student Success Centre at U of A offers a number of workshops for graduate students, including writing your dissertation, writing funding proposals, and so on.