Cressida Heyes Phd

Teaching archive

Past courses taught at the University of Alberta

Undergraduate courses:

  • Philosophy 101: Introduction to Philosophy: Values and Society (taught as the “supersection” as well as an evening course).
  • Philosophy 272Feminist Philosophy (formerly Philosophy 332, and formerly cross-listed as Women’s Studies 332). Typically taught every fall semester (NB: PHIL 272 is the standard prerequisite for PHIL 433).
  • Philosophy 433: Topics in Feminist Philosophy. This special topics seminar is usually taught on a different topic each iteration. Past incarnations have included:
    • Feminist Philosophy and Sexuality (2000)
    • Feminism and Theories of the Self (2002)
    • The Sex-Gender Distinction (2001 and 2005)
    • Feminism and Food (2003)
    • Feminist Philosophy and Foucault (2007, 2010)
    • Self, Body, Transformation (2007)
  • Philosophy 470/570: Topics in Political Philosophy: The Politics of Recognition.
  • Philosophy 470/570: Topics in Political Philosophy: The Politics of Representation.
  • Philosophy 470/Political Science 404: The Politics of the Body
  • Philosophy 488/Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies 497 A1: Thinking Through the Body: Philosophy and Yoga.

Graduate seminars:

  • Philosophy 570: Wittgenstein and Political Philosophy (1999)
  • Philosophy 594: Philosophy of the Body (2001 and 2006)
  • Philosophy 594: Philosophy, Politics, and Psychopathology (2004)
  • Philosophy 594/Political Science 596: Feminist Philosophy/Gender and Politics (2012)

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