Cressida Heyes Phd

1.11.11: CSWIP update

I’ve just returned from the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy, which met in beautiful Victoria, BC.

I was struck by how many (wonderful, collegial) graduate students and junior faculty were in attendance, and how few established scholars in feminist philosophy. I think I was the only Full Professor there. We seem to have a real pipeline problem, but perhaps the far west coast was a travel challenge for the senior folks in central Canada who’ve been the CSWIP stalwarts.

The organization seems strong, and we have plans for conferences over the next 3 (three!) years:

2012 at Mount Royal University, Calgary (with support from the University of Calgary): October 26-28. I am the keynote speaker (which, I confess, has always been a bit of a career goal for me, given the importance of CSWIP to my own professional development. My mentor, Vicky (Elizabeth) Spelman, was the first CSWIP keynote I ever heard, and I’ve never forgotten her warmth and generosity toward a very junior PhD student. Thanks to Ada Jaarsma, the primary conference organizer, for her very kind invitation.)

2013 at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.

2014 (tentatively) at Cape Breton University.