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  • I am no longer the Graduate Chair in Political Science. Direct all enquiries to;
  • My term of office as an Associate Editor with the journal Hypatia came to an end June 30 2017;
  • My Canada Research Chair ended its ten-year tenure in 2017;
  • I am on sabbatical in 2017-18.

On sabbatical 2017-18


Dead to the World: Rape, Unconsciousness, and Social Media


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My main research is organized around the socio-political production of speech. Grounded in a feminist/crip phenomenology of speech and communication, I am interested in the many ways that embodied speakers become legible—or conversely are rendered illegible/ unintelligible/ irrational/nonhuman—through ableist norms that traverse social, political, and economic spaces and temporalities.

My doctoral research emerges from the demonstrated need to develop better ways of building solidarity around common issues while affirming differences. I examine local efforts to build political alliances responding to longstanding questions of wealth inequality and class, which have proliferated in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the Occupy movement.