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Cressida Heyes is a former CRC and now holds an H.M. Tory Chair.

Symposium “The Regulation of Sexual Violence” September 26 and 27. Public lectures by Elizabeth Sheehy and Sunny Marriner, and Ann J. Cahill.

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Governance processes can either hinder or support the relationships that enable healthy communities. My research asks: is it possible to build forms of governance that can effectively respond to inequalities related to colonialism, racism, gender and class? To facilitate specific research results, this question can be framed more precisely: what principles and processes can help…

My research interests lie in the philosophy of race and gender, identity politics, feminist theory, and the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. I am interested in how we understand concepts and social categories, like race and gender, and how we can choose to reconceive of them to serve different political purposes.