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Pony Meyer’s doctoral research on drag is represented in King Me!–an amazing photo that has won first prize in the U of A Images of Research Competition.


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Dead to the World: Rape, Unconsciousness, and Social Media


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My doctoral project takes up the revised treatment model for intersex conditions introduced in 2006 – which controversially reclassified them as Disorders of Sex Development (DSDs) – and goes on to provide a critical Foucauldian analysis of the science, ethics, and politics underwriting medical efforts that aim at securing cisgendered futures specifically for children unable…

My main research is organized around the socio-political production of speech. Grounded in a feminist/crip phenomenology of speech and communication, I am interested in the many ways that embodied speakers become legible—or conversely are rendered illegible/ unintelligible/ irrational/nonhuman—through ableist norms that traverse social, political, and economic spaces and temporalities.